Estimate Calculator Links

Click on the left to start an estimate - or here to see all the links. I have taken many pains to make these bid calculations easy to obtain and as accurate as can be with out seeing the sight.

All of the calculators have been tested, and the code written by hand (a long and tedious process). I'm not just multiplying by the square foot in most cases there are many factors that went into the math that the output!

We make you this promise: If you receive a bid too much lower than what you will find here, question the bidder extensively. Are they figuring the right foundation, reinforcement, expansion or weight to mass ratios that will be needed to allow your purchase to withstand the test of time and nature? We will try to keep you armed and informed with the proper questions. We have a motto at Monument Masonry, Inc.: "Good masonry is not cheap. And Cheap masonry is not good."

When it comes to masonry or concrete, there is no reason a quality product would not last well beyond your life time - not to mention your mortgage. Our mentor and grandfather, Mr. Secard Cline, built houses in Texas before the turn of the century and though he has been gone for over fifty years, the houses he built are still sound and attractive. We have blended our mentor's "old world quality" with "state of the art techniques"

Guard the investments, you make into your home - a 30 year mortgage is a long time!

Good luck, where ever you shop, whom ever you use!

Oh, and thanks for stopping bye!